Math Resources

For Studying

Khan Academy:

Paul’s Online Math Notes:

For Undergraduates

REUs: If you are interested in doing research, you should apply to a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). These programs pay for travel, lodging, and sometimes food. In addition they pay you a stipend! And you meet really cool people! There is no application fee. Apply to as many as possible because they are highly competitive. Some links are below:

List of scholarships:

For Women in Mathematics

Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics in Lincoln, NE:

Women and Mathematics Program at Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ (for all levels; I participated in this program in May 2014):

For Pre-graduates

List of Practice Subject GREs (in Mathematics):

Nebraska IMMERSE (Intensive Mathematics: a Mentoring, Education and Research Summer Experience; I participated in this program in Summer 2014):

UC Irvine Jumpstart Program (for incoming graduate students to UCI only, but may open up to outside students soon):

For Fun

We Use Math (list of careers and other information):

Math Genealogy Project:

Make Hyperbolic Tilings:

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