Courses are listed in reverse chronological order. Additional Resources are listed at the end.


Fall 2022: Math 151A
Fall 2022: Math 151B
Summer 2022 C: Math 151B
Summer 2022 A: Math 151A
Spring 2022: Math 151A (Graduate Student Instructor)
Winter 2022: Math 151A (Graduate Student Instructor)
Fall 2021: Math 151B
Summer 2020: Math 1
Spring 2020: Math 151A
Winter 2020: Math 33A
Winter 2020: Math 32B
Fall 2019: Math 31AL
Fall 2019: Math 33B
Summer 2019 B: Math 31B
Summer 2019 A: Math 1
Spring 2019: Math 33A
Spring 2019: Math 33B
Winter 2019: Math 31B
Winter 2019: Math 32B
Fall 2018: Math 1
Fall 2018: Math 32A
Summer 2018 A: Math 1


I received the UCSB GSA Teaching in Excellence Award for the 2015-2016 school year.

Summer 2017 A: Math 4B
Spring 2017: Math 4A (Birnir)
Winter 2017: Math 104A (Chai)
Fall 2016: Math 104A (Atzberger)
Summer 2016 B: Math 117
Summer 2016 A: Math 4B
Spring 2016: Math 6A
Spring 2016: Math 6B (Chen)
Spring 2016: Math 6B (Guo)
Winter 2016: Math 4B
Fall 2015: Math 4A
Summer 2015 B: Math 4B
Spring 2015: Math 3B
Winter 2015: Math 3B
Fall 2014: Math 3B

Additional Resources

Paul’s Online Math Notes:

  • Free notes, examples with solutions, practice exercises with solutions, practice exercises without solutions for Algebra (UCLA Math 1 equivalent), Calculus I (UCLA Math 31A and 31B equivalent), Calculus II (UCLA Math 31B and 32A equivalent), Calculus III (UCLA Math 32A and 32B equivalent), and Differential Equations (UCLA Math 33B equivalent).

Passion Planner:

  • Free downloadable planner with yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily views as well as passion roadmaps and monthly reflections. Printed planners are also available for purchase.

The Academic Society Grad School Toolkit:

  • Free toolkit to help you plan your life as a graduate student, this was a very helpful resource for me when studying for qualifying exams.