Courses are listed in reverse chronological order. Additional Resources are listed at the end.


Summer 2019 B: Math 31B
Summer 2019 A: Math 1
Spring 2019: Math 33A
Spring 2019: Math 33B
Winter 2019: Math 31B
Winter 2019: Math 32B
Fall 2018: Math 1
Fall 2018: Math 32A
Summer 2018 A: Math 1


I received the UCSB GSA Teaching in Excellence Award for the 2015-2016 school year.

Summer 2017 A: Math 4B
Spring 2017: Math 4A (Birnir)
Winter 2017: Math 104A (Chai)
Fall 2016: Math 104A (Atzberger)
Summer 2016 B: Math 117
Summer 2016 A: Math 4B
Spring 2016: Math 6A
Spring 2016: Math 6B (Chen)
Spring 2016: Math 6B (Guo)
Winter 2016: Math 4B
Fall 2015: Math 4A
Summer 2015 B: Math 4B
Spring 2015: Math 3B
Winter 2015: Math 3B
Fall 2014: Math 3B

Additional Resources

Paul’s Online Math Notes: